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    Hello hello! You know, blogging is an interesting animal. I have learned a lot about us and our lives just by virtue of the fact that I’m paying attention now. I mean, when you are having to plan blog posts, you pay a lot more attention to the things you do on a daily basis. What have I found out? Well, a lot of things. But mostly I have found that we are *less* home renovation (though we do a whole lot of that) and *more* amateur homestead. Maybe that’s because it’s summertime and we are so focused on the garden and our harvest? And because we have been talking about the chicken coop and beehive for next year? Perhaps…So hang tight with us while we figure out who we are. But don’t hold your breath…it could take a while! In the meantime, I thought I would share a little bit about what’s been happening lately, along with what we have been serving up for dinner!

    Drew is the primary canner in our home, and he has been working up a storm. So far he has preserved batches upon batches of pickles, along with helping our neighbors to can their own buckets full of cucumbers. Our house smells permanently of dill, I’m pretty sure! He also has taken care of batches upon batches of tomatoes. They will be so yummy in our fall and winter recipes. Along with that, I have been busy packaging up zucchini and summer squash. I’ve also been making tons of breads with the intent of saving some up for the colder months. Shamefully, we can’t seem to keep them in the freezer for long. Oops. If anybody is interested, I’d be happy to share the pickle recipe we have been using 🙂

    I have been busy trying to figure out how to save some of the other veggies…the ones we aren’t canning. Recently, I oven roasted some cherry tomatoes. They are so tasty!


    I recently became an affiliate for Erin Condren, and I am so excited to share some of their great products. I know they are pretty selective about their affiliates, so it makes me pretty happy to know that our little blog was selected to be one of them. I’m pretty sure I have decided which one I’m going to order, but I can’t decide! A couple of years ago, Drew bought me one that was personalized with a picture of our littles on it. However, in one of my “clean and organize all the things” rampages, it found its way into a recycling bin since it was from a prior year. They also have some cool teacher planners that would be a great gift! And the colors make my heart so happy.

    You should check them out! They also have some fun stationary items that make me smile. Does anybody else just LOVE office supplies?!


    Ok, the bathroom renovation is so close! I just ordered this rug from Anthropologie, and I can’t WAIT until it gets here!


    We tried out a few new recipes this week and they were really yummy! I get into a cooking rut sometimes and find myself in need of new recipes. Plus, I’ve been trying to find new ways to use up some of the veggies we have around! Each of these recipes gets a huge thumbs up from the entire House of Drews 😉

    First up: Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps. We made these with the flour tortillas from Costco’s refrigerator aisle (by the cheese, here). I like these tortillas because they keep for a long time. With shelf-stable ones, we never seemed to use them all and I really dislike throwing away food. These wraps are super yummy, and reminded me of Chipotle burritos a little. Except that we fed the whole family for the price of one burrito from there. Plus, we had tons of leftovers! The kiddos ate them up, and asked for them again for lunch the next day.

    via The Cards We Drew

    Also, One Pan Healthy Sausage and Veggies. I subbed in some other veggies to clean up some that we had around from the garden and the fridge, but it was really yummy! I would recommend pulling a little to the side before seasoning with the spicy bits, though, since the kiddos felt it was a bit too spicy for them. Drew ate it up and asked for seconds, though, and the leftovers were tasty too.

    via Chelsea’s Messy Apron

    I have a few other recipes planned, to include a yummy Zucchini Lasagna and Pizza Casserole, so I will report back on those soon!

    So there you have it! That’s some of what’s been happening lately in our corner of the world. How have you been?! Any great new recipes to share?





    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Some of these links may pay me a small kickback, but the price you…

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