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Hello everybody! Man, summertime wrap up is in full swing over here, which means harvesting all the deliciousness that our garden has to offer after having spent months working our tails off in it! But I must admit, Drew gets most of the credit for the wonders of our garden. He is diligent about tending to it and harvesting regularly, where if it was left up to me it may end up a little unruly. We all have our strenths…that one isn’t mine. Yin and yang, people. But in the midst of garden work, we have also been crazy busy ordering items for the bathroom reno that is scheduled to start in 3 WEEKS! Oh, I am so excited I can hardly stand it! So I thought I’d share some before photos along with some bathroom reno plans we have in the works.

Confession: We hired out this job, too. I have realized that we are focusing more on the “homestead” with all our space outside, and we decided that to save everybody some grey hairs and frustration, we would step aside and let somebody else do this one for us. You see, Drew completed two total demo jobs at our last house. He really is amazing. And the spaces turned out absolutely wonderful, but it took SO MUCH TIME. The other challenge we face at this house is that we only have one bathtub. With two little kids, that equals a need for a functional bathtub. We knew that Drew wouldn’t be able to guarantee a functional bathtub in 1-2 days, because you never know what you’re going to run into once you break down walls. And to be honest, we are a little scared about what our guy is going to find back there. *shudder* So we have decided to have somebody come house sit for us while we are out of town, and to have our contractor working away on the big, loud components of the project while we are away. Nap time + construction = crabby, non-napping kiddos. Trust me, we have been down this road before!

We are having the vanity custom made. The same contractor who completed our kitchen remodel and built those cabinets is building the vanity. We know he does great work, and we really wanted to build some storage into a space that has absolutely none. So I set on Pinterest to look for some ideas similar to what we are trying to achieve. I came up with these as a starting place:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

The things that the above (and about a million others — you can follow my inspiration board here) have in common are towers for storage. You see, the bathroom is pretty little. That truly doesn’t bother me one bit. Our last house had a huge master bedroom and a teeny tiny 4th bedroom. I’d much rather have a small bathroom than a small bedroom. BUT I do need storage space, because the clutter about kills me.

The current bathroom really is quite bad. Within about a week of moving in, the door fell off the vanity (probably because they had it Velcroed on. Just a thought *intense sarcasm*). Plus, both drawers are falling apart, one of which to the point of being completely useless. And yes, that is vinyl flooring inside of the cabinet. It was a thing, apparently, because they had it in all of the kitchen cabinets, too!

But because we don’t believe in going into debt over projects , we have been saving up for this project for a while. The fact is, the people before us didn’t really spend a lot of time cleaning. That isn’t judgement or me being mean, it’s just a fact. So there was mold in the corners of the tub and on the ceiling and inside the knobs in the shower. There were rings of dirt in the bathtub that I’m just FINALLY getting cleaned, and the iron deposits are pretty well there to stay. Also, there is a full size, non-frosted glass window INSIDE of the shower. Yes, full frontal. Granted, it looks out into our back yard which is rather large, but I still don’t love the idea of a peep show every time I’m in the shower. Ugh. I did add some “frosted glass” vinyl after we moved in (not well, might I add), but it doesn’t love all the steam and constant abuse of water beating against it. Go figure.

Here is a full view of the space. As you can see, it isn’t very large. Again, that is not an issue for me at all. But the mold and filth have to go. Also, broken vanities that are 45 years old have to go. And though I love the shelf that Drew built me years ago, it is just too big for this space. It has been great for the past year, though, as it holds all of our towels that wouldn’t otherwise have a home.

So, for the past few weeks I have been researching products and trying to put together a project board. I have purchased almost all of the items I need, and have inspiration photos in mind.

Via Pinterest and Pinterest (Go figure :D)

Keep in mind, though, that these are just visuals of ideas we are working with. I love the idea of the grey vanity, but with all the other grey components we will have in place, we have decided to go a different direction. That will be a little surprise at the end. But the layout of that bathroom is very similar to ours, and I love the clean sight lines creates for the space with the bathroom-appropriate window. Our tile is very similar to the one shown on the left, and will be laid in the same pattern for some visual interest. We will also be putting a huge focus on organization and making the most of the space that we have. Here are some of the items I have ordered so far.

Resource links: jar | mirror | light | sink | shower curtain

As you can see, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing metals. Also, we have some fun projects that we will be taking on ourselves throughout this process, so we aren’t steering completely clear of the fun. I can’t wait to share some updates with you as we go! Until then, BACK TO THE GARDEN!

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