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Hello friends! Today we are going to be back in the kitchen, checking out the sink and faucet. But first, a huge THANK YOU!

I’m back and ready to rock this! Thank you for the encouragement along the way and all the kindness you showed me. I am hoping that every post is a little bit better and that you will all notice continuous improvement as you follow along. Big things are happening around here.

Over the next little bit, you will notice that we are focusing on finishing up the kitchen tour. There may be little snippets from outside peppered in because, well, summer. Then we will be moving into the dining room and maybe we will get to the living room before the HUGE bathroom renovation. This will be one for the books!

Ok then, back to the kitchen. I wanted to share our kitchen sink and faucet, which may be a boring thing to many of you. If it’s boring to you, you probably have a really nice kitchen sink and faucet already. But for those of us who have always had TERRIBLE, shallow sinks and faucets in the past, this is a HUGE DEAL. The first day I was able to use the sink, I put my refrigerator drawers inside and washed them without giving myself a bath in the process. C’mon. You know what I’m talking about. When you have a shallow sink, you’re better off to just wash those puppies in the bathtub. Or outside with the hose. In the kiddie pool. It’s a fact, and you know it! Here she is:

Kraus is the name of the company, and I had never heard of them prior to looking into products for our kitchen reno. However, once I did find them, I was quickly a fan. Almost every one of their products had great reviews, and I love the simple yet professional look of them. Also, compared to other products I had looked at, I thought they were very reasonably priced.

The faucet is nice, because the black hose piece that you can see if the photo above allows for the nozzle to be pulled out a long way. It has a weight of some sort underneath the counter portion of the faucet that allows it to go back into place without fighting it. On the front of the faucet, there is a lever that can be pressed for the spray function and switched back for regular flow. The little button allows you to pause the water, which is nice when you are washing big pans. Again, I don’t like taking a bath while trying to wash dishes.

The only things that I have found about the setup so far that are at all frustrating are ones mostly due to user error. For example, if I leave the lever position set to spray, it has a tendency to spray all over when it’s locked in its “holster.” I try to only use the spray function when I need it and when it’s directed at an object down in the sink. The only other thing, and it only happens when I’m in a rush, is when I don’t properly set the sprayer back into the “holster.” If you don’t make sure it’s properly in place (which is definitely NOT hard to do), it will flop out and hose you down. Guilty. But Drew says it’s never happened to him. I believe him. He has a tendency to pay closer attention to these things than me, and I have a tendency to be in a rush more often than he is. We all have our things. The faucet can be found by following my affiliate link, which will take you directly to the eFaucets website. Click here to get it now.

Looking into the sink, you can see that we opted for the double basin sink. I like the ability to have soapy water in one side of the sink and to rinse on the other. I also like to be able to have dirty dishes on one side and to still be able to use the other side. Just being real here. There really isn’t a thing I don’t love about this sink. I especially adore the grates in the bottom, because if you have a large pot soaking you can still pour things down the drain in the meantime (coffee pot, anyone?). I used to hate how the sink would get all backed up while a pot was covering the drain. Also, it’s nice that they keep things off the base of the sink so it doesn’t get all banged up. I guess the only downside is that they are a pain to clean. But I just sprinkle some Barkeeper’s Friend powder down and scrub the tops and bottoms of them a couple times a week. Otherwise I spray some cleaning spray in the sink, let it set, and rinse off daily. Easy peasy. The sink can be found by following the link here.

Now I’m curious to know: What are your must haves for a kitchen sink and faucet set-up? Have you dealt with the issues I mentioned with the shallow sinks? Are you looking to upgrade soon?

Where to find it — Quick links below:

Kraus kitchen faucet

Kraus stainless steel sink

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are entirely my own; I will never share anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

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