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Hello! It feels so good to be back to sharing ideas with you all! We took a much needed break and headed to the mountains with family. It was really nice to get away for a few days, but the kids and I especially are happy to be back to some routine. We are much happier people when routine is in place. But vacation is a great way to remind yourself of that! Today I wanted to share a little bit more about the “blind corner” in our kitchen. This space was where the fridge stood in our “befores.” You can revisit that post here, but here’s a little reminder.

To the right of where the refrigerator sits in that photo is where our blind corner now stands. Also, just to the right of the fridge is where our new pass-through window is. I knew I wanted an island or something where the kids could eat breakfast, do homework, or anything else throughout the course of the day. That way, I could visit with them while cooking meals or doing kitchen clean up. I also knew that, due to the nature of the kitchen’s size, I wanted to get the most bang for my buck with the renovation. Between my contractor and I, we came up with a way to get a lot of storage in this area that could have very easily gone unutilized. I am SO happy with the results!

Goodness. I promise you all I’m working on a better way to photograph this stuff. These pictures are good ol’ fashioned iPhone pics, and they just don’t do the space justice! But, you get the gist–the tall cabinet on the countertop is where the fridge used to be. CRAZY. TOWN. The upper cabinet just has regular old shelving — we store bread and extra glassware and the crock pot up there. But under. Oh. Just watch.

Why does that make me so happy? I mean, every time I open it. Giddy. Thrilled. In love. Heart eyes. Ok, you get the drift. But seriously! It’s the little things in life. I love that the coffee pot and toaster are out of sight. I set the appliances on top of a cute little placemat so that I can easily slide the appliances out. We leave them out a ways when we are using them so they don’t warp the insides of the cabinet. But we only use these appliances for a couple of hours each day. Coffee after that? That’s what this sweet little puppy is for!

Sorry. Sidetracked. I’m tired. Coofffeeeeee. Ok. Moving on. The real magic happens down below. Get your head straight people. Below, in the bottom cupboards. At first, it looks like a simple little wire shelf:

Again, terrible quality, sorry. But…

I really am easily amused. This little fella is from Rev-a-Shelf (are you finding a pattern here?). It holds all of my daily use pots and pans, plus my huge stock pot and all the lids. You can see that I made some adjustments from the first picture above to the next. Real life here people. I don’t use the large skillet all that often, because we are a cast iron family. We store it in the oven, because I think that’s where EVERYBODY stores their cast iron, right?! Also, I couldn’t figure out why the rack looked so bendy in the first picture. User error. I had one of the horizontal pieces stuck under the drawer handle when I pulled it out. Weird.

So there you have it! Do you have a strange corner of your kitchen that is just looking for an opportunity to be utilized in a more functional way? I’d love to hear about it below!

Until next time!

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