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Hi friends! I’m here today to share our cleaning cubby, but first a fun update.

I have some fun things going on over here! I ordered a new tripod and photography lights, so I am playing around with them trying to figure out how to best utilize them. Hang on friends, it could be a bit of a ride, but I just know it will be worth it.

I want to finish up with the kitchen tour, so today I wanted to show you a space that I have received a couple of questions about. This little cupboard next to the fridge. You can see the kitchen reveal here.

This photo was taken while standing with my back against the fireplace in the living room. The dining room table is directly to the left of the photo, so this cubby is in the dining room, walking into the kitchen. It is to the right of the refrigerator. I had seen ideas similar to this on Pinterest, and I knew that we needed a space for a broom and dustpan, keys, our calendar, and other items that have a tendency to clutter the counters. The bonus for me is that it’s all concealed in a pretty cupboard.

I used Command shower caddies to hold things like pens, scissors, tape, sunglasses, and other odds and ends that would normally live in a junk drawer. I purchased a plastic bag holder, and Drew mounted it inside with screws — this is the only item in the entire cabinet that is permanent. Command strips hold up my calendar and cork board (I covered square boards with material and decorative nail heads). Our keys line the sides of the cabinet, and they also rest on Command hooks. The tiny broom is for the kiddos to help out, and the step stool is handy to have nearby for when I need things out of the top cupboards.

This may seem like a simple addition to a kitchen, but for us it is a game changer. We like the fact that these items are close at hand but not on the countertop. We also love that the broom and dustpan are close, instead of in the hall closet like they were before.

Do you have a utilitarian space that makes you so happy? I absolutely love it!

Talk to you soon!

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