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Hello, and welcome back! Today we are back inside the house for a little bit, because I want to get one more room 100% completed. All of the rooms we have started so far are this close to being done, but still have little bits and pieces that need finished up. Who else deals with this?! Part of it is that I like to live with a space before I spend money finishing it off. But also…SQUIRREL! I always seem to find something else more pressing. Go figure. The dining room is one of those spaces, and I finally decided I have had enough. It honestly looks ok as is, but it’s just kind of bland.

Remember what it looked like before?

I shopped our home for everything except the rug, which I bought on Wayfair. I really like it! The picture was a gift, and I just needed to hang something in this spot. The table was one that I have had for years, and have moved from place to place. I love it, but I’m not sure it’s going to make the cut to stay in our place. Craigslist, here we come!

I’m looking at adding a server of sorts to the wall where the small table is now. I have my eye on a couple of Craigslist options, so stay tuned! The mirror I’m adding is from a place here in town called Tai Pan Trading, and I shared a picture of it on my Instagram profile. Head over and follow over there by clicking here! See ya next time!

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