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Want in on a dirty little secret? I have a huge weed patch. Here’s the deal: When you live on an acre and are completing a full scale home renovation piece by piece, there are lots of little projects that end up being left “until later.” One such project in our home was a spot that I’ve loving been calling my weed garden. You know, like some people have rock gardens? Except not nearly as socially acceptable, ha! So we decided we needed to work on finding a weed killer that would help us out with our problem.

Here she is, in all her glory:

But oh no! That’s not all! We had another project that was only half done. We put weed barrier down on one half of the front planter beds, but never got around to the other half. Oy vey!

I had asked the hubby to spray the weeds the other night. But we are trying really hard not to use commercial weed killers. We have a well on our property, and it just seems unreasonable to spray chemicals onto the ground that provides our drinking water. Many might disagree, and that’s ok! I just figured it was a reasonable consideration to make.

The first time we used the spray, we followed this recipe, via. She recommended using 1/4 cup salt, 1 tsp dishwashing liquid, and 3 cups of vinegar. We tried it, and it worked ok but not great. The roots didn’t come up immediately. Now, please understand that it could have been something completely unrelated to the recipe! Weather always plays a role, etc. So the next time around, we decided to try using Epsom salts in the mix. I don’t know if it was the Epsom salts or just the circumstances with weather that day, but the weeds were finally dead! Woohoo! I finally went out today and pulled them out of the ground, and they came up easily which was great.

Now we are thinking about trying out 20% acidity vinegar, as we have recently heard about it being used as a weed killer. Have any of you ever tried it? What did you think about it? Please share in the comments as we would love to know!

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