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Hello, all! I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July! Ours was pretty laid back, since we have our kiddos in bed by 7:30/8 at the latest. Drew worked one of his last night shifts (!), so we just did a couple small fireworks at home in the evening. The kiddos and I did go to the parade in the morning, which was fun. And hot! Today, I thought we would chat about the garden. Our garden is in full gear right now, and our squash plants are all beginning to take off. We decided to build a garden trellis to keep the veggies off the ground. That way, they don’t get mushy from sitting on the moist soil, and also the creepy crawlies will be less likely to munch on them. Here are a couple of the plants. Big and happy!

As I’ve mentioned before, Drew does all most of the heavy lifting around here. I’m a perfectly capable woman, don’t get me wrong, but we have a good system figured out for our home projects. He does the heavy lifting and the work with the power tools. I plan to learn more about the tools as time goes on, but for now our system works. I’m good at the finish work and like things that require attention to detail. His projects tend to be much more impressive, ha! Now, on to the project at hand:

For this project, you will need:

6 pressure treated 2x4x8’s

1 roll of welded fence wire

1 box of Gripe Rite Exterior  1 or 1.25 inch screws (link to similar), for the metal corner brackets

1 box of Grip Rite 3/4 inch fence staples (link to similar)

1 2x2x8

4 corner brackets (found in the decking area at Home Depot)

1 box  of 3 or 3.5 inch Grip Rite Exterior  screws (for the corner 2×4 support pieces)

Optional: a 2 year old boy for extra help

Fortunately, we had a lot of this stuff laying around, so we just had to purchase the lumber and the corner brackets

Drew started by cutting one 2x4x8 to make two 4 ft pieces and attached them using the corner brackets along with four 2×4 pieces roughly 1 ft long cut at 45 deg. on both ends for additional support. Pre-drill the screw holes on the corner 2×4 braces to prevent them from splitting.

This little guy LOVES to help Daddy work!

After making the frame, Drew added fencing wire. He secured it in place with 3/4 inch Grip Rite fence staples. After standing it up, it felt a little wobbly, so he added a brace to each of the corners. He just used some old 2x4s he had lying around, and secured them with the 3 inch Grip Rite exterior screws. Ideally we could have put another 4 ft section vertically in the middle to additional support. The 2x2x8 was cut at a 45 degree angle, pre-drilled and screwed to the side of the trellis so the whole trellis is approximately at a 45 degree angle.

The end result? A place for the veggies (cucumbers, this time) to climb and be happy! An added benefit? The lettuce gets some much needed shade for the ultra hot days ahead of us! Win-win!

Is this something you would find useful for your garden space? It could definitely be downsized for a smaller space. Do you have any other ideas for things that would be helpful in the garden? We are learning more as each year goes by, and would happily take advice!


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