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Welcome back!

Today I wanted to share pictures of the kitchen demo. This was one LOUD DAY! And let me tell you, having a 1.5 year old and 3 year old during that process was challenging. Sadly, the noise wasn’t going to stop just because the kiddos had to nap. Yikes! So we made other plans for the following days, and had them stay with a friend during nap time. It worked out much better.

The good news was that the horrible cabinets were gone (along with the laminate flooring that lined the bottoms of them! Yikes!), along with the 70s flooring. The carpet throughout the main level was a dark brown shag that made me cringe every time I had to walk across it. You can’t really tell in the before photos, though, because they were so touched up. Let’s find a truer representation, shall we?

Even that picture doesn’t make it very clear. But man, what a mess we had! At the same time we were preparing for the kitchen demo, we were also having new carpet installed throughout the rest of the house. We wanted to do as much as we could before we moved all of our furniture in, but decided to wait on living room carpet until after the messy stuff was done. You can see that our bedroom furniture is in the living room for this picture! #chaos

The nice part about seeing kitchen demo pictures is that it gives a better idea of how the space was laid out before. Also, hopefully you have a clearer picture of the changes that had to be made in order to achieve the new floorplan. You can finally see the wall I was talking about in the last post, and the walk-through was right about where my little monkey is hanging 🙂 You can also see where the ceiling is torn up after the removal of the upper cabinets. Also of note, at this point, is the fact that the kitchen was the only area in the upper living area that wasn’t popcorn ceiling. So that meant that the popcorn ceiling would have to be removed from the other common spaces, and the entirety would have to be re-textured. Are you beginning to understand why we hired this job out yet?

The kids had a great time running around in the space, but Drew and I could hardly wait for it to be functional again. How many of you have gone through a major kitchen renovation? Let me tell you, washing dishes in the bathroom sink and bathtub is something I’d be very happy to NEVER have to do again!

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