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Welcome back for the kitchen reveal! Now, I’m pretty sure you have already figured out that this kitchen has been completed for some time. But we think it is a great project! Every single day that we use this space, we fall in love with it more. Although it is quite a small room, we have found that it has almost everything we need in a space. A small kitchen is ideal for me, because then it isn’t as challenging to put dishes away or cook a meal. Plus, with a small kitchen, you can’t accumulate as much junk stuff.

So, let’s check it out!

The cabinets are made of hickory, and you can see all the knots in the natural wood which is something we love. I love a pretty white or painted kitchen, but that just doesn’t fit our style. Drew, especially, is a huge outdoorsman. And we love the look of natural wood. Plus, as I mentioned in our last post, we love a good woodworking project. It seemed only natural that we go with natural wood in our own home.

As time goes on, I will delve more into the details of what makes this space work for us. It is a custom kitchen, build around Rev-a-Shelf products, mostly. We did this in order to ensure the fullest usability of the space for the long term.

I will link to a couple of the products we have in our kitchen below, but for now just enjoy some photos. We will be back later this week to play outside! Drew and I plan to show you how our yard is coming along. Also, we will be starting a series on how to make the most of your sprinkler system. See you soon!


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