Oh, hello everyone! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this room today! My sweet little girl’s room is a space that makes me happy every single time I walk into it. Creating rooms for little girls is tricky. If you’re like me, you don’t mind some pink in there but don’t want to feel as if you’re walking into a bottle of Pepto every time you open the door. amiright? At the same time, you want the space to reflect your child’s personality. My little girl: All pink, all the time. What’s your favorite color? “Pink. And teal. And purple.” Always pink first. BUT! She was onto something with the teal. I decided to make it work!

You see, before each of my kids was born, I took on the task of picking up material from my favorite fabric store (which is now closed. WAAHHHH!). I went home and sewed their curtain panels with care, and I loved it! The challenge I have found, though, is that as your kids get older, they gain minds of their own. What?! This doesn’t always work in your (or my, in this case) favor. You see, the curtains I had sewn were pink and green. So, I did what any sane mother who didn’t want to sew new curtains would do. I picked up some mint paint and convinced my 3 year old that it was teal. For shame! She will probably tell her therapist about it one day. But seriously, I think it turned out great, and she loves it too!


Now, that may look simple enough (and, FOR THE LOVE!, I promise I’m working on the camera situation. The photos seriously never look as terrible as when I share them here!); however, let me share a few “before” shots with you:


I will go more into detail on the process in another post, and share how we added more insulation. I will also share how I made the cute animal artwork, since it was an easy and quick project. Until then, I’m curious: How do you go about decorating a little girl’s room? Do you go all out with pink and girly things, or tone it down with traditionally less feminine colors? Please share in the comments section below! And, just for the fun of it, a little before and (almost) after:

See you soon!

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