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Happy Thursday, everybody! It’s kind of like a Sunday for me because I work tomorrow. But I love my “real job,” so it’s a good thing! Don’t fret-I have a post planned for after work. I will be taking photos of the garden this afternoon. But today, I wanted to share my little tip to combat paper clutter.

See, I have a little secret: We have a tendency to get cluttered if we don’t have good organization solutions in place. My hubby is very happy to put things where they belong. BUT! He will only do that if such space exists. Our space before wasn’t so pretty:

Yikes, that’s painful to look at. And if I’m being honest with you I’d have to say that was one of the better days. #paperhoarder Although it looks terrible, I knew when I put these containers in the spot that they wouldn’t be there forever. I’ve tried to be really conscientious about not buying anything for this home until I’ve lived with a space for a while. That way I know what needs adjusting, what’s working, what’s not working, and what we can do to make it better. Also, as I mentioned before in my post on finances and blogging, we are budgeters. I DESPISE getting rid of things that I really like but don’t work in my home. It feels like I’m throwing money away (which I kind of am). So, in order to avoid frustration, I decided that I would live with my home in a less-than-ideal state for a while. A very long while. This is a marathon, people.

In order to figure out what I needed to make this space more functional, I dug through all the items in these containers and made note of similarities. Almost everything stored in these files was stuff that needed to be taken downstairs — that’s where our office AND pantry are (more on that another day). I sort through my mail in this space, and put items that need shredded in the files to take downstairs. Also, any receipts we planned to save ended up in here. You can also see our checkbook and a membership card in the pockets. The other things we put here were the kids’ Kindles (they use them in the car on headrest holders), some memory books, and EVERYTHING Drew emptied out of his pockets at the end of the day (gum, anybody?!).

I picked everything up at Target, which was nice for a one-stop-shop. My little guy doesn’t do great for multiple stops, so it was nice to find everything there. Remember what all the shelves looked like the other day?

On the shelves, you will see that there’s a cute little cup on the second shelf down. That is Drew’s cup! He can drop his change or gum in there, and I occasionally can go through it (or he can — he’s pretty good to help out). That covered the issue of the drop zone.

I also wanted to add some pretties to the shelves, because, well, duh! It’s the first thing people see when they walk up the stairs from our front entrance, so I really wanted this space to look nice. The peony arrangement is really nice, and doesn’t look cheesy like some artificial flowers can. Plus, I love the little bit of color up against all the dark wood. The small pocket watch clock is from Pottery Barn. I had wanted it for years and finally broke down and purchased it for myself a few months back. The little brass watering can is fun, and I like the little bit of shine it adds. My little Lucas called it his “tuba” all the way through Target.

If you look on top of the file box, you will see that there’s a mail divider. That’s where I put the Kindles so we can easily access them, and also so that they don’t get broken by laying around. There are also a couple of memory books in there. We try to write down fun things the kids say in little books so we can remember them later on in their lives. We stink at remembering to do it. Womp womp womp.

The box itself is just a simple file box. I created folders inside to hold items that normally would end up on the counters. The files inside were found inside Target’s “dollar spot.” I have used them in several projects throughout the house and love the fun colors. Plain old folders would have worked just fine, but I do love the pretty inside. Again, it’s the little things!

Obviously, I didn’t re-invent the wheel on this one. File box, mail sorter, coffee mug — it isn’t rocket science! BUT, I do recommend finding simple, inexpensive fixes for things that drive you crazy. I no longer get this freaky twitch when I walk past the paper nightmare! Totally worth the 20 minutes and $30 investment. WIN!

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