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Happy Monday, everybody!

Today is kind of like my Saturday, since I worked all weekend. But kind of a lame Saturday since I have mostly done house work all day. Lame. BUT 6 loads of laundry later…I’m still not done. Lame again. What can I say? I’m a party animal!

I wanted to stop by today to start a new series that I think will be a lot of fun. I want to celebrate Mondays (or any day, really) by inserting some Random Acts of Kindness into this tiny corner of the world we live in. I almost can’t stand Facebook some days because of all the talk of politics and general sadness and discontent, so I want to make this place a happy place. I vow to do something nice each week, and to come back here and share with you all what that something was. I mean, I try to nice things every day, but these are things that I wouldn’t normally do — going the extra mile to make somebody’s day better.

This week, I ran to Dutch Bros to pick up a coffee for me and a smoothie for a sweet friend who is pregnant and stuck on limited duty. She seriously is one of the kindest women I know, and it has to be isolating to be stuck on light duty, mostly at home, with two little kids running around. Also, it was fun to just sit around and catch up. I had a full card for Dutch Bros, which meant I was due a free coffee. Honestly, I was excited to only have to pay for one drink. But I decided that I would take the opportunity to share the love, and asked the sweet girl at the drive up window to pass the card on to the car behind me. Dutch Bros is all about sharing the love, so she was thrilled to do it!

This was nothing extraordinary, and it didn’t need to be. But I felt really good about sharing the love. Also, it didn’t cost me a penny. I planned to pay for two drinks, and I did. The lady behind me got a free coffee that she wasn’t expecting. How fun is that?!

I would like to encourage all of you to join in. Please, please, please share in the comments any Random Acts of Kindness you complete throughout the week. I’d love to hear!

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