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Hello, dear friends!

By now, I have collected a small following of dedicated readers, and to each and every one of you I say, “THANK YOU!” Please, please, please don’t let your presence go unnoticed. This site is meant to be a community, a place to build each other up and celebrate wins. To share information, going both ways. I know that several of you are out there with scores of information just waiting to be shared with the world. I want to hear it! Please, the comments section is on this site for a reason — to share and ask questions. Don’t be shy! I know you’re out there…the numbers tell me so **cue sinister laughing** Ok, too far. Moving on.

Today I want to share something with you from my heart, because again, this is a safe place. You aren’t going to see any new posts for a few days from me. **GASP–BUT LIZ, YOU JUST STARTED! DON’T QUIT!** Simmer down, folks. You aren’t getting rid of me that easily! I am simply taking an “under construction” break.

You see, I think that every one of you will be able to connect to this feeling: You start something new, you get amped up about it, and sometimes you have so many amazing ideas that you get carried away. Fast forward a few days/weeks/months/years. The excitement of the opportunity is down a couple of pegs, and you begin to doubt yourself. Doubt is such a downer, right? “I’m not like that other person out there who does something similar to me.” “I don’t know enough to do well at this task.”  “I could never be like them.” These are the moments that make people quit. These are the moments where your stomach is up in your throat and you think, “Gee, I hate that feeling. I can’t sleep because I have so many things running through my mind right now. Maybe I should just call it a day!” But guess what? There’s a better answer.

Unlike many motivational speakers out there who would tell me, in this case, to ignore the feelings of doubt and self-questioning, I think there is another way to look at it. Instead, I think when those feelings arise, we should take a step back and examine WHERE they are stemming from. In my case, I have been unhappy with the quality of the visuals I am providing to you all. You see, I KNOW that our spaces resonate with some of you. I KNOW that many of you live in homes like ours, where your small spaces just aren’t working for you. Where you wish you could somehow CREATE solutions for your storage woes. Where you don’t have luxurious walk-in closets or master bathrooms with oodles of extra space. Where your yard is totally overwhelming and you don’t quite know where to start. BUT I also KNOW that I have solutions to share with you. I KNOW that some of my ideas are ones that will work for you in your home. And I KNOW that I can do a better job of sharing that with you. My doubts and concerns are VALID. So I have a decision to make: Do I ignore the doubts? Do I keep doing what I’m doing in spite of them? Do I quit? HELL NO! I’m going to face them head on and DO BETTER. Because I know I can. It’s in my bones to work harder and rise above a challenge, and I’m here to prove that I am worth it. Won’t you come along with me?


Oh, I’m prepared to come back better than ever! You, my dear friends, should be prepared to see some wonderful things happening up in here. Going forward, there is so much greatness coming, and you are going to LOVE IT!

You are going to see:

+NEW and improved photography on old posts. Yep, I’m going back to the beginning and fixing ALL of the photography thus far.

+Partner projects with great companies. Yes, that’s right. We have so much greatness in the works, and there are companies out there who are EXCITED to see what we have to offer the world.

+A visual depiction of the layout

+Photos of where we are today (it isn’t pretty, let me tell you)

+How-to posts and videos, such as: How to properly hang a ceiling fan; How to change out a sprinkler head; How to make pantry space when you don’t have a pantry…you get the idea.

LOADS of before and afters. And you know the best part? None of this costs you a penny. You get to come into my world and watch the changes happen before your eyes without having to help out with the heavy lifting. It’s like HGTV over here, except that you have to read. So HGTV with earmuffs on, and you have to read the subtitles. Yeah. Or something like that.

So, I’m begging you to sit tight, buckle up, and prepare to enjoy the ride. I’ll be doing the same over here, and it’s going to be SO WORTH IT. I can’t wait! If you’re game to ride along and see all the wonderful things we have planned for you, please let me know below. You all SPARK my creativity, and I would love to know your thoughts. Ideas for posts, questions you may have, all is fair when constructing greatness. Thank you. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

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