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Well, I’m going to be on a little break for a couple of days. We have family things going on and I want to be present for them. In the meantime, I am here to share a space that hasn’t been shared yet! A peak into the living room, specifically the fireplace:

I know some of you may be wondering why we are going back and forth from outside to inside. My answer: Welcome to our world! We are constantly working on projects. This time of year, the outside is our main focus. But I’m always preparing for our next inside project. Which leads to the question: What would you do with this fireplace? I apologize for the terrible picture quality — one day I’ll have a better setup, promise! But you can kind of see that there are little ledges sticking out in four places. And they truly are random. The side of me that tries to embrace quirky and the beauty in unsymmetrical objects is trying to love it. The stonemasonry on the fireplace is absolutely perfect. But the ledges…I just can’t get past the ledges. Also, I’ve always dreamed of having a great “Christmas mantle,” and this is not it.

So, help me out! What would you do? Also, I need a little insight as to what to do with the space to the left of the fireplace as seen in the picture. Right now, I just have a little shelf tucked away. I’m kind of thinking a hanging planter there after I figure out a way to mount some form of mantle to the fireplace. And to get rid of the shelves without busting down the whole dang thing. Ugh!

We will be back soon with more fun projects, and I’m also working on a home tour so you can get a better feel of the layout. Have a great couple of days, friends!

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