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Hey all! Welcome back! You may have seen a glimpse of our white picket fenced garden on Instagram (if not, follow us!). Here’s a little view of what the area looked like last fall.

The planters came with the house. They are corrugated steel and pressure treated wood. We considered selling them on Craigslist after building the garden, but realized that they would be a great place to contain the strawberries. The space to the right of where the planters were in the upper right photo is where the garden is now.

We knew that we wanted a big space for our garden. We love to have fresh fruit and veggies in the summer, and also spend time most years canning. Hopefully we will have a good haul this year so we can preserve some goodies to get us through the winter. We toyed around with several ideas when planning the garden. We knew we wanted it to be fenced, because we have a Labrador retriever who likes to dig. Also, there are other critters around the neighborhood, not to mention two sweet little peanuts who really enjoy mud 🙂

We searched Pinterest to come up with ideas for how we wanted the garden to look in the end. There were TONS of drool-worthy photos and ideas, but most of them would either a. Take too much time, or b. Cost too much money. We came across several white picket fenced gardens that seemed cute and charming, but wanted something that would last through sprinklers and the semi-harsh winters we have here in Idaho. After much deliberation, we decided on 4 ft vinyl panels (similar). Most of these fencing options allow for no anchoring in concrete, but Drew decided he wanted to sink pressure treated 4x4s in concrete for longevity.

My favorite inspiration source, Pinterest, came through with a fun project for flowers made from dollar store plates. More on that later. My little helpers had fun with that project!

Drew also came through in making a cute entrance to the garden. I really wanted a place to plant clematis, so I asked if he could come up with a plan. We looked into vinyl panels, but they were ultra spendy. So, Drew decided to build his own arbor. I think he did a great job, what do you think?!

We need to come up with a way to weather proof the arbor before fall, but sadly all of the options require that the wood stay dry for several days. We were too slow on the uptake, and it’s too hot now to allow the wood to be dry for that long. My clematis are unhappy as it is. Grandma’s Garden will come to the rescue in that regard! So now, we wait. I don’t love the redwood next to the vinyl, but I don’t hate it either. And I’m very happy that we decided not to do more vinyl — this way it has a little character!

I’ll be back next time, and Drew will help out with a tutorial on how he went about building the fence.

How about you? Do you like a big garden? Or do you prefer to keep it smaller and more vertical? We can understand the reasoning behind all ways of gardening, but we just happen to have the space! We are just so excited to have a thriving garden. Have you seen the post on our new garden trellis? Check it out! The lettuce has been YUMMY, and we are so excited for everything else to be ready!

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